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Published: Tuesday, 20 November 2012

AeroMaritime Service and Support:

Key Benefits
  • Faster Turn times

  • Standardized Pricing

  • Parts Pool


Overhaul is conducted with a flat rate labor charge for : 
  • engine / module unpacking and receiving inspection

  • disassembly

  • dirty strip inspection

  • cleaning, detail and NDT inspection

  • sub assembly

  • assembly and preparation for test

  • packing and preparation for shipment

Labor for component reworks, fuel system component overhaul or repair, customer optional requirements, Commercial Engine Bulletin (CEB) application and final test are calculated separately.

AeroMaritime has extensive rework capabilities for components and parts. This capability adds to our competitive advantage by being able to repair unserviceable but repairable parts, rather than installing more expensive new parts.

Whether it is a Series ll, lll or lV, Turboshaft or Turboprop we have full capability to repair, overhaul, and test your engine, compressor, gearbox, turbine,  and all accessories including down exhaust engines.

It is our policy to final test all Engines and Modules after overhaul or major repair unless otherwise advised.

If you require a quality product at a competitive price and turnaround, then AeroMaritime is the "Authorized Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Center" for you.

Rental of Rolls Royce 250 Units:

If you prefer to repair or overhaul your own unit rather than Unit Exchange but cannot afford the downtime necessary for the repair or overhaul to be conducted, then AeroMaritime can assist by providing a Rental Unit. We have an extensive inventory of Series ll and lV Engines, modules and accessories available to operators who elect to send their units to AeroMaritime for repair or overhaul.


Key Benefits
  • On Cell Trouble Shooting

  • Repair during test 

  • Your Engine delivered with the knowledge that there are no leaks and your engine/module will perform to Rolls Royce standards.

It is our policy to final test all Engines and Modules after overhaul or major repair unless otherwise advised. All testing is completed on-site in our Turbomotive testcell. Contact us ahead of time if you wish to observe your engine/ module run on the testcell.  Running the latest TestLogic software systems.


Customer Support:
Key Benefits
  • Service on site(Field Service)

  • 24 Hour a day Response

  • Fully trained field service technicians


AeroMaritime field service techs are on the road to promote our company and assist our customers with all of their engine needs and requirements. They have a combined 150 years of Rolls-Royce 250 experience and are out on the road for you. Feel free to call and see if they are going to be in your area in the near future.

Engine/ Module removal and replacement, On site troubleshooting, Full field service Capabilities.